DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Part 3

‎Finally, I am able to announce that I am finished documenting the DIY Craftsman Door Casings in my basement! The blog is a 3 part series. My YouTube Channel has the project broken into just 2 video’s. With this DIY heart of mine, it took longer than expected to add video’s to my blog posts! Since I have the incessant need to do it all myself, there tends to be delay’s, this time it was while I learned how to take, compile and edit video’s, but enough said….

Part 2 video and Part 3 blog post are now ready to viewed and read!!!

If I wasn’t so proud of these handmade door casings, I would have never spent this much time on conceptualizing, building and documenting them!

You will find a lot of great information and tips in the video’s and blog page’s.

If you’re anything like me, a visual learner, I recommend watching the video’s first.  By reading the blog page second, you can then visualize the process and even print the step by step directly from the web page. Keep in mind, you can refer back to the YouTube video’s, just Subscribe while you’re online or bookmark my page for future reference.

Hope you enjoy watching and reading as much as I enjoyed creating!



Read blog post here: DIY Craftsman Style Door Casings Part 3


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