Front porch update adds curb appeal

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

Front Porch Update Add Curb Appeal

The old saying, “The early bird gets the worm” left me wondering, if whoever arrives first has the best chance of success; what about those who arrive last?

Besides the tour of my front porch, I am including links to some wonderful blogs that feature Summer Porches you won’t want to miss!

Let’s start with my front porch~

With all of the projects in our basement and all the work on our backyard and deck, I/we have neglected our front yard and more importantly our beautiful porch. We actually received a letter from our Homeowners Association reprimanding us for our lack of pine straw and attention to our front yard landscape, Really?  We needed curb appeal and quickly!

Our shrubs were literally running wild! A couple of weeks ago I learned how to use the electric hedge trimmer (that I didn’t know we had) and I got a little carried away, which is so unlike me… But the result was fabulous! By removing two of the most eye-sore shrubs in our yard it revealed the most beautiful parts of our porch.

We have a large slate porch albeit dirty…

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

A pseudo solid wood door with sidelights and transom window. I will be sharing how I gave our front door a makeover by adding a panel to cover the glass, not much privacy with all those windows.

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

Four stately columns!

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

Overall we have a pretty awesome porch, it would be even better if you could see it! Our shrubs were so overgrown I was completely irritated and I dug up the ridiculously over grown shrub on the left side of the porch walkway, and had my husband remove the shrub on the right, if you’re following me on Instagram you may have seen the quick removal video

Now that those obtrusive shrubs were gone I started shopping for pine straw. Frankly, I’m not a fan but it’s so common here, we just go with the flow. One lucky shopping trip yielded a fabulous find, black mulch on an “end of the season” sale for $2.88 instead of $3.99/bag. I loved the idea of black mulch to tie in with our black front door so that was the first addition to our update plus score 1 for Procrastinators! A simple cleaning to make it look presentable was in order. Washing the slate floors with soap and water, cleaning the window sills with rubbing alcohol and a scrub brush to remove the “bug carnage”, cleaning the light fixtures in and out.

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Once that was done, this quick makeover was easy.

I painted the light fixtures high gloss black to match the columns (which were painted last summer) This cost about $4.00 for the can of spray paint I had to purchase.

Here are the light fixtures really dirty!!

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal


Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal


Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

Here they are beautiful and clean!

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

I found two small planters on sale point 2 for Procrastinators! I added two “Little Bonnie” dwarf shrubs so we have a couple of small plants to flank the doorway year round.

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal A new door mat from Target that resembles some door mats I have seen online for 3 times the price I paid.

We had adobe colored ceramic planters for years, so I gave them a fresh coat of black paint and added these beautiful ferns I purchased from a friend’s fundraiser. I wanted these in the forefront of the porch, they are so stately!

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

What made the biggest impact on our curb appeal was painting the side lights and transom window surround white, instead of the beige that blended right in with the brick. (Door makeover still not complete)

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

This took about a day, after priming the existing with two coats of Zissner Oil Based Primer.

I then added a coat of exterior Glidden Satin Latex Paint in white, right off the shelf, no tinting or anything and it looks so amazing.

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

I am so happy I decided to highlight this beautiful feature of our porch.

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

Finally, a porch update that didn’t break the bank but adds so much to the curb appeal.

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

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  1. Thank you! My idea of “curb appeal” is simply making the exterior appeal to the majority, hopefully that is what the HOA is looking for so they won’t send us letters anymore :-) Thanks for stopping by to say hey!!

  2. Great project fellow Caver! As a Realtor I get it and enjoy reading new things in regards to my field!

  3. You’re so kind, thank you! I wish I had been able to add a sealer to the slate, that would really make a huge improvement! I’ll do that when the weather isn’t so scorching hot!!

  4. Thank you for that!! The weather can get crazy here so adding actual decor isn’t really reasonable, so I stuck with a “less is more” look :-)

  5. Such a beautiful, stately porch! And I love the slate floor. It looks great with the black accents.

  6. Paint is a wonderful thing. I love the simplicity – everything accents off each other. Looks very inviting and well put together. Thanks for the tour.

  7. Thank You!!!! I’m so relieved to finally have it looking like it should!

  8. Kirby Carespodi

    Everything looks beautiful!

  9. Oh My Gosh! I cannot wait to share! It’s really so crazy because that door and those windows have been a thorn in our side for years! We couldn’t stand how exposed we felt, but EVERYONE’s door is like that in our neighborhood. It will be soon, I need to add another coat of paint and change the door hardware and I’ll be done, stay tuned :-)

  10. Beautiful front porch! I’m waiting to see how you “blocked” your front door windows!

  11. Haha, me too!! Thank you for taking the time to check it out!! :-)

  12. Thank you so much!!! It’s funny that we went so many years with that silly beige accent that added so little to the elevation of our home, I’m really happy we changed.

  13. What a lovely entry! A coat of paint truly cures all and is the easiest thing to fix. I always get the urge to paint when I clean…. dangerous! :)

  14. Wow, what a beautiful home. I’m adoring those black columns! Everything looks so fresh and stately.

  15. Awe, thanks gal! I really wanted to to add a low lustre sealer to the slate, but just ran out of time. As well as finishing the front door. Ah well, I guess that’s part of the fun, always projects to do.

  16. I have been wanting these particular ferns for years I think they are beautiful! Thank you so much for letting me join in the fun!

  17. I see you like ferns too! Love those columns. Thanks for touring with us!

  18. That is gorgeous! Love the slate. Now you’re reminding me that I seriously need to paint my light fixtures! Great job!

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