Feature Wall Design Ideas

Feature Wall Design Ideas

Creating a feature wall to enhance the look of your room is the perfect DIY project. 

Last winter I was all set to create a board and batten feature wall in the basement, but with so many other projects to complete, a feature wall was low on the priority list. Once I decided where I wanted my feature wall, I made some rough calculations of how much wood I need to get the look I was dreaming about. Realizing the cost of recreating my favorite board and batten design was too costly for the basement, I went to the local overstock warehouse Loading Dock South for ideas on making it more affordable.

Feature Wall Design New Baseboards

Luckily I found they had just gotten a pallet of 5 ¼” baseboards. They were close to 70% off retail. So with another rough estimate of the amount I needed, this was a steal! My plan moved from traditional board and batten to four large “frames” using these beautiful baseboards. I felt this new design would complement the beadboard ceiling and not over power the size of the room.

I measured and cut the boards to size using a miter saw. A table saw would have been a better idea for this size baseboards.

Feature Wall Design cutting baseboards

I attached the baseboards to the wall using a pneumatic nail gun.

Feature wall design

I used the longest level I had, liquid adhesive and tape when a stud wasn’t nearby.

Feature wall design

You might think this is the after photo, sadly it isn’t. See the space between the frames at the top? I thought that looked unfinished so I decided to make three more smaller boards to connect them.

wall design mid way through project

Using the remnants of the baseboards I trimmed the decorative edge off with a jigsaw.

Feature Wall Design Cutting Edge of baseboard

Attached to wall with liquid adhesive.

Feature wall design

In total the project took about a week and has enhanced the room so much, this is the before picture taken November 2014.

Feature Wall Design Before

The After I made a few changes! Keep reading…

Feature Wall Design After

Update November 23, 2015

I have finished the finishing work!! I’ve concealed the seams around the door, mended the drywall on the adjoining wall as well as repairing the drywall we added to the soffit and had a “friend” do the mud/tape/sanding work. This is what I did:

Using this screen moulding from Home Depot to act as a door stop and cover the vertical seam.

Wall Design screen moulding

It was a bargain at only $2.52 for an 8 foot stick.

I measured the wall and cut the trim with a 45 degree angle on each end. Using Gorilla Glue liquid adhesive I added a small bead vertically down the wall.

Feature Wall design

 Pressing hard and using tape to adhere to wall.

Feature Wall design

Feature Wall Design

I measured and cut the horizontal piece and attached the same way.

Feature Wall DesignFeature Wall-21

I continued the pattern every other panel.

I found the best method was to apply the adhesive first, then lay the new moldings on top and taping. You can also use an 18 gauge nail gun.

Feature Wall Design

Feature Wall Design

Feature Wall Design Ideas

Once that was finished it looked kind of funny so I added around the actual baseboards plus I added this trim for giggles.

Cove Molding

Reasonably priced at $3.53 for 8 foot stick

Feature Wall Design Hidden DoorIn order to repair the drywall I had to remove the door AGAIN and it’s not light! Scavenging a piece of drywall from our garage instead of buying a 4×8 sheet I repaired this 4″ gap.

Feature Wall Design Hidden Door

Once the compound was dry I sanded smooth and added a coat of drywall paint primer.
Feature Wall Design Hidden Door

Then a two coats of paint.

Feature Wall Design Hidden Door

Since I am getting so good at this drywall thing, I decided to repair the drywall from the wall to the ceiling that looked horrible! Thankfully we no longer have the weird “trim” to cover the ridiculous drywall job.

Feature Wall Design Hidden Door mend drywall

The Real After Picture but before I built the ceiling, which is now complete!

Feature Wall Design Hidden Door

Here it is with the ceiling finished, looking amazing! Can’t wait to finish the floors :-)

Feature Wall Hidden Door Closed

Feature Wall Hidden Door After
I am editing the countless hours of video I recorded and will share that on YouTube eventually, here is just a quick look at what you can expect.

The hidden door aspect of this project was such a learning experience. Rather than having a 10 page post on everything I learned I decided to create a Feature Wall and Hidden Door planning guide. It will include more specifics about the materials & tools I used plus the plethora of mistakes I made that you will be able to avoid.

Finally, if you aren’t already, you can Subscribe below and you will be the first notified when it is ready.

I know your time is valuable so I appreciate you stopping by!


Here is a quick video that my daughter helped me make showing the door really does work, check it!

With so many questions about the beadboard ceiling, I decided to update this post to provide a link to the first four videos in my Suspended Ceiling Reimagined series. Let me know what you think. Suspended Ceiling Video Tutorials



  1. I love, love, love everything about this project. I just found your site, and joined right away. Your designs are breathtaking. Looking forward to seeing all the designs you have created and will be creating.

  2. I need to put up a ceiling … in the basement .. I’m thinking I’ll just use 5″ boards for that … I’ve never used a nail gun … are they heavy ??

  3. Fabulous! You did a great job!

  4. How did you do your ceiling? I have an unsightly ceiling I would like to beautify?

  5. Hi Romana!
    I actually have the first several steps of the process edited and ready to share on YouTube! I had so many hours of video I couldn’t make everyone endure all of it so I was trying to cut it down into manageable steps ;-)
    Hoping to make the final touches and upload in the next day or two.
    Please check back on the blog, my YouTube channel or even Facebook and please don’t hesitate give me feedback if you think I should share more or less detail, etc.
    Thanks so much!


  6. Did you ever upload a video of the ceiling? I’d love to do that in my basement.

  7. Love the ceiling…. any videos on that? : )

  8. Looks great! Did you make a video/diy of how you finished the ceiling?

  9. How did you do the ceiling?

  10. Fantastic!!!!!!

  11. Thank you @Jason I hope you are doing well :-)

  12. Holly,
    It looks FANTASTIC! I wished I had the time and money to invest in doing things like this to my home. I wouldn’t even have to look on Youtube…I could just log onto your site! LOL

    Blessings, my friend!

  13. @Suzanne you just made my day, thank you! I hope you will be back soon :-)

  14. what an epic job well done the nail gun is as big as you lol you must be so proud of this because it is beautiful love the bright white and blue ,so glad I found you xoxo you inspire me

  15. Thank you Karen, you are the best! Can you believe I am finally finished after all of these months! I might have to move into the basement instead of my son when I am finished :-) XOXO

  16. Holly,
    You not only rocked it you are featured on Hometalk. I have a huge smile on my face for you darlin’. Your are creative and talented.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  17. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Thank you Doreen! I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to sharing more with you!

  19. I think you are one talented girl – I most enjoy all you are doing and so keep me informed.

  20. Great idea with baseboards on wall and hiding the door. The wall looks great. You really can handle a large nail gun. I mostly repurpose furniture, etc. Haven’t used many large power tools often without help from my husband or assistance of a project with a carpenter at our home or antique shop.

  21. so glad i found your website, be looking for the next

  22. Wow, that sounds amazing!! You need to send me a picture of that! The door was literally the hardest part, if I had realized it how hard it would be I never would have moved it. Thank you so much!!!

  23. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe you moved a door. I would never attempt that.
    I too did something interesting with those 5 1/2 inch base boards. I used them as a fake crown molding. Much easier to put up and it looks beautiful. I went to a overstock place also. I have only two rooms left to put it up, but must paint in there first.

    You did a beautiful job. Might attempt that along my 19 foot hallway.

  24. Thank you for your web site. You have given me a gift and courage to get up off the couch and do what I have been thinking about for years!

  25. All I can say is Fantastic

  26. Awesome way to think outside the box! Go…Girl Power :)

  27. I love this!! So talented!! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your projects and beautiful work!!
    But for some reason it’s not wanting to accept my email when subscribing? Can you help with this please. It keeps telling me invalid email?

  28. Always have imagined something like this “hidden door” but never have seen one that was actually hidden without something else still there to take it’s place! Absolutely awesome to see. Thank you.

  29. I purchased a house 25 years ago with the intention of fixing it up and moving to my dream home. I’m still here now with three teens and more bills (and problems) than I had then. Thank you for the inspiration and hopefully my day will come when I can grab that table saw and start upgrading my house – creating the home I always wanted to. Spend the time in the yard landscaping and having you inspire me to watch and read your designs and ideas for inspiration as well as determination to not give up when they kick another hole in the wall or break down another door.

    When I first purchased the house I did some basic electrical, put in outdoor lightening, dimmer switches etc and then married my ex who told me a year later that I was “lucky he came because I had done it all wrong and would have burned the entire house down!” hmmm it lasted an entire year without his help? Gone now and not seen for four years and the house is still standing!

    Great job on your part and a great inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s a fantastic idea, I’ve been thinking about it but thought I’d have to cover the whole wall. Paining most of it makes it so much easier.

  31. Thank you, I can’t wait for you to see it in person too!

  32. YAY ! Holly, it’s even better than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see it in person!!

  33. Thank you Dana! It was a labor of love for sure!

  34. Great job Holly! This is one phenomenal project!!

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