Smart way to hang a door make a DIY shim

Smart way to hang a door make a DIY shim

With so many doors to hang after painting and replacing hardware, I had to come up with a way to help me do it quickly since I didn’t have a helper.

To make this DIY shim, I start by measuring from your floor to the first hole of the bottom hinge

Then measure from the bottom of your door to the first hole in the bottom hinge


Then subtract to find the difference.

Mine is 1 1/4″

To make the shim I just had to know what materials I had on hand and what they measured. I had lots of 2×4’s but they are actually 1 1/2″ so I thought I would get creative to get to this kind of odd height.

I used a spare piece of 1×4 wood that is actually 3/4″ thick then a scrap piece of 1/2″ thick drywall.

Simply screw the drywall onto the 1×4 and voila I have a 1 1/4″ shim.

I set the shim under the door while on the floor to see if I would be close to the 11 1/4″ measurement of the door jamb hinge height and it’s close enough for me!

I can use this over and over while I hang the other doors.

Hope you found this helpful!


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