My DIY Story

I have to liken my DIY nature with my sense of direction, either you have it or you don’t. It baffles me when someone gets lost while looking for their car in a parking lot, or if they don’t know which is north, east, south, west. “Head west on …”…

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Gallery Page added

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Finally got around to adding an “about me” page to the blog to provide a little backstory for you.  My sister read it and like any legit big sister, she had a few suggestions for me.  She felt strongly that readers that don’t know me might be wondering how I went from decorating a Winnie the Pooh cake for my son’s birthday to remodeling my basement.  Good point Lisa, so I decided to gather a few projects into one page. Mind you, most of these are silly but I really needed to practice with my new tools and techniques I had researched.

I will continue to add to the page as the basement remodel progresses. Keep in mind, this is not a tutorial page, when you see the projects you will understand I do not anticipate anyone wanting direction on how to make these for themselves. It’s simply a gallery of photos with a small explanation.  Take a look!


DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Part 2 of 3 posted


Recently I posted Part 2 of my DIY Craftsman Style Door Casings.  I loved the way the door casings in the basement bedroom turned out, but for the living room, I want them to be a little more grandiose! Since I am practically a carpenter now (not really), I tried to make these like the door casing’s in the main level of our house. Check out the post, it’s 2 of 3. I have YouTube video’s documenting the process as well. Keep your eyes peeled for my post on the Craftsman Window Trim, which I made identical to these, only it’s 9 feet wide…

 Check it out…

  • DIY Table Lamp

    Craftsman Style Trim 2

    DIY Beverage Tray