Let me show you how easy it is to make Craftsman Style Door Trim

Craftsman Style Door Trim Part 1

craftsman style door trim part 1 finished

Let me show you how I made this Craftsman Style Door Trim for the basement. It is really easy!

With a new-found confidence in my carpentry skills I head to the basement to figure out what I can build on my own.  While working on my basement ceiling I really needed a distraction, so with the scrap 1×4’s, 1×6’s and drip cap molding laying around I decided to fashion my own craftsman style door trim.

Materials I used~

  • One 1x2x8′ board
  • One 1x6x8′ board
  • One Drip Cap Molding
  • Two 1x4x8′ boards

Materials prior to cutting to size

craftsman style door trim part 1 materials needed

Most door jambs installed by your builder will have a ⅛” reveal on each side of the casing and the top. Which turns out to be a very handy guide when lining up your new casing.

Cut your 1×4’s to the vertical length of the door, being sure to provide clearance for flooring plus 1/8″ to give your header an 1/8″ reveal as well. Grab your level and set next to your casing to be sure they are straight before nailing/stapling.   Another thing to keep in mind, if you don’t leave the 1/8″ reveal, you will have a hard time putting your door knob hardware back on. The latch plate that affixes to the door jamb will not be able to screw in correctly if you haven’t left enough room between it and your casing.

Since this was my first time I went slow, I lined up my 1×4 level with that reveal line and marked on the wall with a pencil on the outside of the 1×4, I did the same on the other side.  I took that width measurement to use to cut all the wood for the header.  Keep in mind that measurement will vary from door to door since all the doors in your house are not the same size.

Next I cut the 1×6 to the width as above.  Cut the 1x2x8 and drip cap molding down to the same measurement.

craftsman style door trim part 1 materials cut to size

I used Loctite liquid adhesive for wood and tape first.

craftsman style door trim part 1 with drip cap glued and taped

Glue drip cap to the front of 1×6 making sure the sides are flush.

craftsman style door trim part 1 with 1x2 glued and taped

Glue 1×2 perpendicular to the 1×6, tape and let dry.

Once the adhesive is dry, add a few finishing nails to the bottom of the 1×2 into to the bottom of the 1×6 and the drip cap into the front of the 1×6 with 16 or 18 gauge nails. You don’t need to go crazy with the nails because it is already glued and you will be nailing to the wall.

I like to do finishing work prior to hanging, so I filled holes with wood filler, caulked at wood seams and painted with Glidden Door & Trim paint in Bright White.

craftsman style door trim part 1 finished product

In total we now  have seven doorways sporting my craftsman style door trim. They add so much character to the room and they are homemade!
My husband talked me into creating a YouTube channel so I could demonstrate how my projects were made here is my first video

I tend to get better at things the more I do it, so for the living room I made a few changes to Craftsman Style Door Trim craftsman-style-door-trim-pt-2 link to post

Then I paint the doors black and replace all of the hardware and hinges!


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  1. Benita!! I LOVE Nashville, we went in March for the first time and cannot believe what a beautiful city it is! I will for sure let you know if I head that way again! In the meantime, we can use google hangouts or FaceTime anytime you’re ready, that would be so fun!!

  2. I love this! We are now living in Nashville and are hopefully going to close on our house on Monday. If you ever want to head up this way, I will put you up for a few days and you can show me how to use some of these tools! :-) The house has a great trim package, but only in certain rooms. I want to carry it throughout the house! I need skillzzzz!! :-) I love that ceiling also…..fabulous!

  3. I have no idea but probably more than I would ever spend. Thank you for the kind words!

  4. I can just imagine what a “builder” would have charged for this look. They are absolutely beautiful, and seeing all the pieces it took and the work you had to do to achieve this look is amazing — do you not have any distractions???

  5. Wow! I cannot believe you did this yourself! It looks beautiful. Now I want all my door casings done! Heather

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