Craftsman Style Window Trim is complete!

I am so excited to share my latest project with you. This three day project went so smooth! Now the doors and window trim match in the basement living room. I am so happy I decided to build my own. Read all the details and view the pictures I took throughout the process. I also had so much video footage I was able to make two videos detailing the process as well as a supplemental video to show you how I cut the miter joints for the trim. The links to my videos on YouTube are below. Enjoy!

Find the detailed post here⇒ Craftsman Style Window Trim

YouTube Video Craftsman Style Window Trim Part 1

YouTube Video Craftsman Style Window Trim Part 2

YouTube Perfect Miter Joints for trim


Holly Prim

I'm just a girl, that has always wanted to learn how to build and create things to make my home beautiful. I've never felt very "crafty" but always had the urge to create. Join me as I figure out how to make improvements to our home that will be inexpensive, timeless, built to "almost" perfection, with love and nothing but good intentions.

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