DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Part 3

DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Part 3

Since I have taken over the design of our basement redo, I decided to throw my husband and two sons a bone by trying to masculine things up a tad, I chose to paint the doors black to enhance the look of the craftsman style door casings. The only exception I made was in the bathroom where the walls are painted chocolate brown so black doors seemed to much too dark for the small area.

DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Part 3 Basement BathroomThe doors were originally painted with an off-white oil based paint so I used oil based door and trim paint to freshen them up! First I removed the doors from the hinges and lay them flat to paint, wipe clean as needed and dry (mine needed a lot of cleaning).

When painting with an oil based paint I found that several thin coats are far better than one or two thick coats. Unfortunately, the oil based paint does take additional time to dry before applying another coat.  So I worked on this over the course of several days. I used a simple foam roller brush to avoid brush strokes.

DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing First Coat of Black Paint

First coat of paint drying

DIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Doors on Sawhorse to paint

Painting several doors at the same time with doors and windows wide open

The hardware in the basement is just like the hardware in the rest of the house, nothing matches. So I am changing the shiny gold hinges as well as the antique gold doorknobs for a dark, almost black hinge and doorknob.  I removed the hinges and doorknob before painting.

If you have a door knob without visible screws, just click the link below to my video and step by step instruction.

Click here

DIY Craftsman Style Door Disassembled Door HardwareDIY Craftsman Style Door Casing Hinge removed

I came to the conclusion it is best to try your new hinges on your door before painting in case you need to route around the original mortised hinge to make your new hinge fit correctly.

DIY Craftsman Style Door replace hinges

An easy way to know if your new hinge hardware is going to require extra attention is the length of the screws. The existing hinge screws were really short, but the new hardware came with longer screws.

DIY Craftsman Style Door Old Hardware Screws too short

You can check the door jamb hinge pilot holes as well to see if your new screws go in easily, I also would recommend using one really long screw for the center hole if your door is fairly heavy.

I simply “re-drill” the original holes a little bit deeper & my latest tool find are self centering drill bits, I frankly think it’s a must when installing hinges.

DIY Craftsman Style Door

Door jamb pilot holes

DIY Craftsman Style Door If you plan to hang the door by yourself, click her on how I made a DIY shim to help! Click here

My video includes all of the above tips plus how to install the new door knob be sure to check it out. 



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