DIY Dog House

DIY Dog House

Let me admit this, there is nothing quick about building a dog house if you are a weekend DIY’er and want it strong enough for two Labs. So here is the not so quick overview of how the DIY Dog House project went.

The Back(yard) Story

Our backyard was in terrible shape, plus we hastily decided to build a fence because of a few break-in’s in surrounding neighborhoods. Once the fence was built we were able to take down the ugly chain link pen our two labs called their dog house.

Oddly enough they loved their little playpen, it wasn’t a punishment. They would even sit in it with the door wide open. But with it gone they were totally confused, their routine was disrupted plus this awful fence was keeping them from frolicking in our lower yard, hence project DIY Dog House kicked in and took precedent over everything!

DIY Dog House Before

Their original pen, the door wide open but still happily perched on his table!

Step 1: Planning the DIY Dog House

Based on the 4’x5’ table above that my husband built years ago, I decided to make the floor of the dog house 4’x6′. Anything four feet wide or tall is a good idea because you can purchase an eight foot piece of lumber and cut it in half. Six foot length will leave you with some waste unless you can fit a twelve foot board in your car. We purchased ten 2x4x8′ pressure treated boards, a two boxes of deck screws and four locking caster wheels to get started.

Step 2: Building the base of the DIY Dog House

Obviously, the base had to be really sturdy to hold the weight of two dogs, three-four walls and a roof. Keeping that in mind, I built it as if I was building a weight bearing wall with studs 16″ apart. Using a 16″ cheater board, I fit it between the top and bottom rails while driving in the screws to keep it even and square.

DIY Dog House Floor

By the end of day 1 this was all that was accomplished. Planning, taking measurements and purchasing materials takes time.

Rather than use pressure treated plywood for the walls I opted for two sheets of 4’x8′ composite siding. Friendly folks at The Home Depot cut the sheets in half for me so that I could lift it and transport it home.

DIY Dog House

Step 3: Building the walls and roof of the DIY Dog House

After a good night sleep, Greg helped me affix locking caster wheels to the floor base so we can move the dog house to clean under it.

DIY Dog House on locking casters

On the back side of the DIY dog house, Using my jigsaw I cut a rectangle window into the back sheet so the dogs have additional air during the summer.

DIY Dog House Cutting Window

For the walls, I cut one of the 4’x4′ composite sheets in half for two 2’x4′ sheets. The sheet above was cut to match the pitch of the “A-frame” roof :-)

After toe screwing 8 2×4 studs it into the floor, I attached the 2’x4′ wall panels with a 16 gauge pneumatic nail gun.

DIY Dog House interior sides

Step 4: Budget friendly flooring for the DIY Dog House

Greg used leftover dog ears for the flooring. Attaching with 2” deck screws in this diagonal pattern, then trimming the ends with circular saw.

Cutting the wood to create the a-frame roof was tricky, the obtuse angles had me stumped at every turn. Without knowing how to use a speed square and my miter saw only going to 50 degrees. Instead I held up the 2×4, marked and cut with the circular saw, hoping it was the correct angle.

DIY Dog House Roof

DIY Dog house

DIY Dog House A-Frame Roof Rear

The rear of the dog house didn’t need the additional support because it was resting on an actual wall.

DIY Dog House with composite siding

Siding up on all four sides! Next to build the roof.

Step 5: Adding a strong roof to the DIY Dog House

Initially I planned to use the composite siding for the roof but it sagged in the center. Considering the siding isn’t very rigid and I wasn’t going to build another a-frame support, I went shopping. These 5/4x6x8 deck floor boards were perfect, really affordable and very few cosmetic flaws. Just cut them in half and secure with deck screws to the 2×4 a-frame.

DIY Dog House

In the interest of making our new dog house pretty, I purchased eight 1x4x8 pressure treated appearance boards. Attaching them to the perimeter of the floor base, the front and back of the roof.

My DIY Dog House Complete

DIY Dog House with trim

DIY Dog House After


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