DIYGirlCave Launches YouTube channel, first up DIY Door Casings

I took my husband’s advice to film a video during the making of my DIY Craftsman Style Door Casings. With my GoPro in hand, I was able to incorporate some great footage.  Keep in mind, it isn’t a traditional tutorial video. If you’re anything like me, I prefer the highlights and the rest I’ll figure out on my own. The video, combined with the detailed post already published will provide all of the necessary information needed to build these on your own.

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Holly Prim

I'm just a girl, that has always wanted to learn how to build and create things to make my home beautiful. I've never felt very "crafty" but always had the urge to create. Join me as I figure out how to make improvements to our home that will be inexpensive, timeless, built to "almost" perfection, with love and nothing but good intentions.

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