Friends Inspired

Friends Inspired

If you are a parent, spouse or simply a nice person, you probably tell the people you love that they are amazing and can do anything they set their mind to.

How often do you hear it?


I’m one of the lucky one’s that hear it a lot from my family and friends.  Honestly, knowing they believe in me means so much.


My friend Jennifer is truly a Renaissance woman, she makes everything look and sound easy. She and her husband are always building or creating something new, whether it be decor for the inside or a garden in the backyard, they can do it all. When the work in the basement stalled, she really inspired me to do it myself and not wait around for someone to do it for me. After working tirelessly on my basement for months, I carved out some time to have lunch with my girl and show her the progress on my new-found addiction.  Thankfully she approved of the changes and again encouraged me to keep on going.  A few days later I received a text from her, with a picture of her powder room and she wrote “look what my clever friend inspired me to do!”




I was so thrilled, I could not believe I actually inspired her for once, it was such a compliment.  Mind you, she probably whipped that little powder room into shape in one afternoon, one arm tied behind her back and a patch on her eye, so for her to say I inspired her made me beam with pride.


If you have been inspired to try something new or just go ahead and finish a project you started but didn’t complete, let me know so I can feature you here and give you some additional encouragement!


If you want to see my project that spurred Jennifer on to use the faux panels she’d had for months, you can Read It Here.




  1. I would really love to know how to make the ceiling….I want one just like it in my basement.!!

  2. You’re so right Kim! If it weren’t for my friend Jennifer telling me how easy it is, I never would’ve tried my first few projects. If I can inspire and encourage others to just go for it, that would mean so much to me!

  3. I think we are all to quick to dismiss our God given talents and ability to inspire people. What seems easy to you is not so for another. I think that is such a beautiful things. Your projects are amazing and seem undoable to this none woodworking but wants to be a woodworker mama!

  4. For the best Insurance Agent I have ever had, I would help you for free Mary Baldwin!

  5. Are your talents for hire??? Absolutely awesome beautiful!!!!

  6. I love your Friends Inspired feature. You are so right in that so many of us can get stalled or even give up on any kind of project and just one word of encouragement or pat on the back and be just the thing to keep us going. It amazing how just that simple gesture can make such a difference.

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