Design Trends of 2015

My Favorite Home Design Trends of 2015

After touring so many homes during the Fall Community Showcase and Parade of Homes this year, it is easy to see what are the current Home Design Trends of 2015. Always on the lookout for new ideas for our home, so I am sharing some of my favorite. Be sure to tell me which are your favorite and which you predict will flop.

Craftsman Style Trim

This simple trim is probably my all time favorite design trend and was found in so many of the homes of various price ranges. I love this look and it is so simple to recreate in your own home. You can read how I made two different types of Craftsman Style Trim for our basement. This is our basement bathroom and the adjoining bedroom has trim to match. Design Trends of 2015 Craftsman Trim For Basement Bath

This more elaborate version is in the basement living room, I also duplicated this design for the window.

Design Trends DIY Craftsman Trim For Basement Living Room

This model home in Mt Laurel has craftsman style trim as their signature trim for every home. I love it!

Design Trends Craftsman Style Trim Mt Laurel Model

This custom built home in Ross Bridge carried the trim throughout the home and even added to the bathroom mirrors, I have a feeling I’ll be doing the same in the basement bathroom!!

Design Trends Craftsman Trim Ross Bridge Custom Home

Laundry/Mudroom Combo

Although we seldom get snow in the south, we do get a fair amount of rain throughout the year which requires rain boots, umbrella’s, rain coats, etc. In the summer it is so hot we spend a lot of time at the pool, producing wet towels and suits daily. Ironically, these laundry/mudroom’s will literally knock your socks off, take a look!

This beauty is a home I toured during the Parade of Homes last May, located in Ross Bridge.

Design Trends Laundry/mudroom Ross Bridge Custom Home

This is a great use of space in this Grey Oaks home in Pelham, Alabama

Design Trends Grey Oaks in Pelham

This Mt Laurel laundry room has a special secret.

Design Trends Beautiful Laundry/Mudroom Mt Laurel Model

Freestanding Tubs

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this trend and it will likely stay for quite some time. Years ago everyone wanted a jet soaker tub but if you’re like me I can count on one hand how many times I have actually used it and it’s jets. They take up a huge amount of space in your room for something used so seldom. I absolutely love how these freestanding tubs add beauty and elegance to the room without taking up much space. Design Trends Freestanding Tub in Mt Laurel Model Design Trends 2015 Freestanding Tub in Mt Laurel Model Home Design Trends Freestanding Tub Ross Bridge Custom Home

Feature Walls

I recently made my own feature wall in the basement, I look forward to adding more detail to the walls on our main level, specifically my master bedroom. Look at these beautiful accent walls from a home in Mt Laurel.Design Trends Feature Wall in Master Bedroom Mt Laurel Model Design Trends Feature Wall in Mt Laurel Model Home

In case you missed the DIY Feature Wall I added to our basement, here’s the finished project.

Design Trends Feature Wall/ Hidden Door in Basement

Hidden Doors

Lots of secret doors were found as well. My husband really wanted a secret bookshelf door like the one Ana White has on her site but a bookshelf in our basement seemed oddly placed so I opted for something else.

Here are a few more examples of super creative hidden doors.

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Doors

This kitchen is stunning but the walk-in pantry behind what appear to be cabinets is so creative!

Hidden Door in Kitchen Cabinet

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Door in Kitchen Cabinet

Pool anyone? How smart is this adding this to the door rather than the wall!

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Door

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Door

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Door

The little secret from the Laundry room in Mt Laurel. Upstairs they added a laundry chute, brilliant!

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Laundry Chute in Mt Laurel Model Home

Design Trends 2015 Hidden Door Laundry Chute Mt Laurel Model

Farmhouse Sinks

This is a subject I am very interested in as we are finishing off the planning for the basement kitchenette. I know the cabinets and counter tops I want and I am debating on a farmhouse sink. Problem is that it will just be a “bar sink” which simply means the flow of water is much less than your standard sink and there will be no garbage disposal. But I still want it to look pretty and don’t mind if it is a little over sized for it’s actual purpose. Here are a few sinks that I LOVED!

I saw this stainless steel farmhouse sink in the model home of Grey Oaks in Pelham

Design Trends 2015 Farmhouse Sink Home Design Trends 2015 Farmhouse Sink Mt Laurel Model Home

Creative Window Seats

I saw lots of creative window seats and banquette’s. This beauty is from a home in Mt Laurel! Design Trends 2015 Kitchen Window Seat in Mt Laurel Model

Who wouldn’t love using this alcove for a spot to sit, read and daydream out the window.

Design Trends 2015 Window Seat in Mt Laurel Model

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So what are you’re favorite trends? Leave me a comment below I would love to know what you think!


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