Project Update July 2015

Hey Friends!

I can’t believe it’s already late July, it’s been really busy these last few weeks so this update will be quick.

I attended a DIY Blogger Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, it was an amazing experience and full of informational classes and hands on sessions that I know will prove invaluable. Besides that, I had the opportunity to meet with some amazing vendors and sponsors that were so generous sharing their products with us in hope that we might share our excitement with our readers. As a new blogger, I have never had a sponsored post, so it was very interesting to learn how brands really value the rapport bloggers create with their readers and are eager to work with us.

Now, back to what I accomplished around the house before my four day conference…

New to the Exterior Projects Tab

I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers on a “blog hop”. The topic was The Procrastinators Summer Porch Tour, which happened to be perfect timing for me because I was working on our front yard landscape and porch. So I hustled to get the post together. At the bottom of the attached page, I have included the links to the other bloggers “Porch Tour posts”, it may be easiest to keep my window open while you visit the other sites so you can go in order and not lose track of the porches you have seen.

You can click the image to take you to this page

Front Porch Update Adds Curb Appeal

 Third installment to my deck repair series

In my last deck post I mentioned the area under our stairs that had become an eye sore, this was my solution…To build another deck! It only took three days so I’m really glad I went with my gut rather than choosing to throw down some pine straw or rocks. Read all about it by clicking on the image.

Platform Deck Under Our Deck Stairs

So it’s been busy, busy this month! We have celebrated two birthdays and are preparing for our first family vacation in about 4 years, I am so excited!!!

During any downtime that I’ve had, I have been working hard on the finishing work on the basement ceiling in the basement living room and would really like to get started on the final ceiling in our future kitchenette.

Next time I check in I hope I can report that I’ve gotten started on that, I have all of the supplies, just have to find the time!

Appreciate you taking the time to visit me and check out my projects!



Holly Prim

I'm just a girl, that has always wanted to learn how to build and create things to make my home beautiful. I've never felt very "crafty" but always had the urge to create. Join me as I figure out how to make improvements to our home that will be inexpensive, timeless, built to "almost" perfection, with love and nothing but good intentions.


  1. Thank you so much Marianne 🙂 I am so glad to hear it, it’s hard for me sharing projects that aren’t completely complete! I am working hard and need to remember to stop and give updates once and awhile!

  2. Jen you are so sweet and I always love and appreciate your feedback! You’re the best!

  3. Marianne Osborne

    I really appreciate and look forward to your “project update”. It is fun and informative and the links to follow are great.!!!!!

  4. I would say that I am amazed by how you just threw together a second entirely new deck, but I’ve known you long enough that I should stop being surprised by your incredible talent. The porch looks awesome too. 😉

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