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Having a new blog has been a learning experience to say the least. Not at any point in time did it occur to me to hire someone to build my website for me. From the layout, pictures, colors, font, I chose everything. I wanted you to have the ability to come to my site find the main menu and find anything easily, the only way to do that was to document all of my projects on a “Page” versus a “Post” (The term “Page” means it’s permanent content) (The term “Post” means that the information will eventually churn out and archived) which makes it difficult to find months down the road. Since no one really does it this way, the backend of my website doesn’t allow for subscribers to be notified by email, you are only notified when a “Post” is created, like this one.  Short of emailing all of my subscribers individually, the only way to notify you I had a completed project was to create a short post with a link to my new Page, but that seemed to be a little confusing too, so I abandoned that process in May and have been sharing my projects on Social Media. My hope was that if you were kind enough to subscribe you might be following one of my Social Media accounts too.

So I’ve decided to create a bi/monthly project update with links to all of my new content. If you like this idea please comment below and let me know and I will continue.

Exterior Projects Tab

I have added a new tab to my home page main menu, this includes two new projects and is where I’ll be keeping all of my deck projects. I honestly had no intentions of sharing anything about the deck project since I’m not a deck builder. But I have learned so much along the way, things to do and not to do, I was compelled to share the highlights.

For my own peace of mind, research had to be done in order to establish if we could make the necessary repairs to our deck. What I found was that an inspection was needed of the most important parts of our deck and I list my top 5 things to inspect before getting started.

You can click the image to take you to this page

Deck Inspection Tips

The next deck project I shared includes pictures, tips and information on what it took to deconstruct the existing stairs plus the rebuilding of the stair treads and railing/baluster. I also share links to two short YouTube video’s I made to help envision some of the tips I describe, you won’t want to miss those 🙂

You can click the image to take you to this page

DIY Decor Tab

Screened Porch Decor Ideas has been added to this tab which includes tips to create an inviting outdoor space without breaking the bank.

You can click the image to take you to this page

Screened Porch Ideas


DIY Beverage Tray has also been added and is a quick 4 step tutorial anyone can do.

You can click the image to view this page

DIY Beverage Tray

It’s been a busy May and June for sure, not just working on these projects and blogging about them, but I’m preparing to attend a DIY Blogger Conference in Atlanta that I know I will learn so much and hopefully be much better at this blogging thing!

Again, if you like the idea of a bi/monthly project update comment below and I’ll keep them coming.

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I'm just a girl, that has always wanted to learn how to build and create things to make my home beautiful. I've never felt very "crafty" but always had the urge to create. Join me as I figure out how to make improvements to our home that will be inexpensive, timeless, built to "almost" perfection, with love and nothing but good intentions.


  1. Wow!!! Everything, from the major construction to the little decorative touches, looks SO GREAT!!!

  2. Love it!!! Great idea!!!! As usual!!!

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